The R Wood Family Foundation

The R Wood Family Foundation was founded by Reggie Wood, cousin of former NYPD officer Ray Wood, with the goal of encouraging young Americans in underprivileged and minority communities to study criminal justice by providing college scholarships. The R Wood Family Foundation also seeks to raise awareness about the corruption within the criminal justice system that has historically attempted to thwart the civil rights movement.


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Police reform and justice for the wrongs committed is being called for today with renewed vehemence due to the atrocities being inflicted on our people every day. Join others who share this same goal…

Let’s Pass Police Reform: Support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act!

Stop No-Knock Warrants

Federally Required Psychological Screenings for Police Employment and Federal Reforms

End Police Terror on Texas Mental Health Calls & Provide Justice for Patrick Warren Sr

Know Your Rights Camp

Petition for Change

Through the promotion of a petition that calls for the release of unredacted FBI documents, The R Wood Family Foundation endeavors to bring forward the truth in order for our communities to heal and move forward.

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