The R Wood Family Foundation

The R Wood Family Foundation was founded by Reggie Wood, cousin of former NYPD officer Ray Wood, with the goal of encouraging young Americans in underprivileged and minority communities to study criminal justice by providing college scholarships. The R Wood Family Foundation also seeks to raise awareness about the corruption within the criminal justice system that has historically attempted to thwart the civil rights movement.


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Scholarship Opportunity

The Ray Wood Scholarship aims to support police reform by assisting individuals with a passion to promote change from within. With assistance from those who also believe that the time has come for police reform and justice, we can help individuals pursue their dreams and help mold the justice system into a more equitable entity that protects ALL individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion.

The scholarship will be funded in part with proceeds from a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) based on Ray Wood’s deathbed confession letter. This unique and censorship resistant NFT will benefit those with a passion for justice and help create the opportunity for these individuals to further their dreams of fighting for equality and reform.

Petition for Change

Through the promotion of a petition that calls for the release of unredacted FBI documents, The R Wood Family Foundation endeavors to bring forward the truth in order for our communities to heal and move forward.

A Word From Our Founder

“As a Black man and an American citizen, I believe it is my duty to further the fight for social justice and help make strides in ending systemic and cultural racism. It is because of this belief that I founded the R Wood Family Foundation. I want to use the Ray Wood Story platform to help bring awareness to the need for police reform, especially as it relates to the unfair treatment and killing of our black and brown people. My cousin Ray Wood joined the police force with the hope of providing the Black and Brown community an ally on the right side of justice, but because of the barriers that Black people continuously face when trying to succeed, he instead succumbed to the pressure and became a pawn of the NYPD and FBI. It is impossible for a rotten tree to bear fresh fruit and the best way to change the system is to plant new seeds. I am not naive to the fact that police reform has been a difficult challenge for many civil rights organizations and activists. I believe that the solution will not be reached by trying to change the powers that be. That is why I have established the Ray Wood scholarship for criminal justice. This scholarship will provide funding to students that live in the underserved communities that are directly affected by police corruption and brutality. I will also champion the push for the FBI to release the thousands of files un-redacted on the surveillance, incarceration, and murder of many of our Black leaders, including Malcolm X.”

Other Ways to Help

Police reform and justice for the wrongs committed is being called for today with renewed vehemence due to the atrocities being inflicted on our people every day. Join others who share this same goals.


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